Friday, March 19, 2010

Rose Charities Phnom Penh 2010: Accommodation

For Cambodian travel arrangments / hotel bookings:    Mr Hem Nara      Mr Nara has worked with Rose Charities for many years dealing with bookings for both previous conferences (Penang and Ho Chi Minh City).  We very much recommend him for all travel arrangements including Siem Reap / Angkor Wat travel.

Officially recommended hotels for delegates. (its more enjoyable when everyone stays in the same place(s) - though Phnom Penh has many other hotels too of course)

1) Imperial Garden Hotel   Approx USD 60 per night. Nice pool and gym. The hotel where the conference rooms are.  Book through Mr Nara for best rate (ie not over internet)

2) Frangipani Hotel (there is a Frangipanni Hotel '60' and a Frangipanni Hotel '90' - we recommend the '60').  Mention the Rose Charities 2010 Meeting for a discount.  About USD 36 per night

3) Goldie Boutique Guesthouse    Around $28 per night.  Well recommended

.. If all else full...

4) Blue Lime Hotel    About USD 40 per night .. but worth it..

Contact. Hon Head of Meeting Secretariat. Ms Linda Roberts (Rose Charities Canada)
Email.      Fax  +1-810-592-0595

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