Friday, November 12, 2010

Rose Charities Canada - Activities Meeting (for board, member projects, subcomittees, associated members, friends / family etc)

Dear Board Members,

I have organized a Rose Charities Celebration to be held on Friday 3rd December at the Centre for Peace on 1825 West 16th Street Vancouver.  The purpose of the event is to bring to gether all the volunteers from all the different Rose Canada projects so that we can all

  • learn about each others projects
  • strengthen everyone's links to Rose Charities
  • celebrate our extraordinary year
  • learn new project management skills
The evening will begin with a 1 hour meeting chaired by Eric and Linda to learn a new system to better monitor and manage projects. This meeting will be for project managers and any board members who are interested. 6.00pm-7.00pm
At 7.00pm  other guests will arrive ( they are welcome before- they just might find it boring!)  There will be a Potluck Dinner ( so please bring a dish) and presentations from all the projects.  Please also feel free to invite anyone who might be interested- just let me know numbers ( we already have 70 invitees- but there's lots of room- but need plates etc)

Proposed Project Presentations ( 5 min each)
Rose Madagascar,  Stand Tall, Malambo Grassroots, African Hearts/Brighter Smiles, Asolate, Volset,  Mayan Health and Education, Hillman Fund in Kenya and Pakistan, Haiti,  Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Vietnam.  Websites, PR group, Emergency Response,  Rose International

I really hope yo will be able to come. 

Love Josephine

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